Version 1.16.5
Players Online: 0

Servers: 2
Server Status: Online

Version 1.16.5
Players Online: 0

Servers: 2
Server Status: Online



  • Listen to staff.
  • No Asking for anything (staff, op, etc…).
  • No client side mods (Hacks, Flymods).
  • Respect other players.
  • Use common sense.
  • Staff has final say.
  • Be mature.
  • No Scamming players.


  • Please do not build close to spawn.
  • Work together as a team to build towns.
  • Try building as far away from each other as possible if you are in separate towns.
  • No unnecessary land generation.

Player Versus Player:

  • You may NOT Spawn camp.
  • You may not /tpa kill.
  • No going to spawn, town home, warp, home, or logging out to avoid dying.


  • No swearing, no racism, no sexism, no harassing, no cyber bullying, and NO CAPS.
  • No Advertising (servers, website, etc.)
  • No Spam.
  • Global chat is PG.
  • Keep the chat positive.
  • Cursing is allowed after 10 PM EST
  • Do not impersonate Planet Minecraft or as a server website.


  • Staff should play legit unless superior says otherwise.
  • Moderators should keep an eye on the players every once in a while to see what they are up to.
  • Admins should make sure everything is in order.
  • Engineers build with creativity for government (public) buildings.
  • If a superior tells you what to do, do it.


  • No pvp in godmode.
  • Do not give items out.
  • Do not build anything for someone in your faction.
  • Do not pvp with spawned items.
  • Creative is NOT allowed.